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            How do I transfer mined Kala to my wallet?

            If you have purchased a Kala mining contract or if you have a rig, the mined Kala will go to your Mintage Mining account. 

            You can transfer the mined Kala to your Kala wallet by following the instructions below:
            1. Click on Wallets
            2. Click on Kala 
            3. Add your Kala wallet address (bottom of the page)
            4. and click on Save External Wallet
            Once you have saved your Kala wallet address you are ready to transfer Kala:
            1. Click on Metrics
            2. Click on Rig Performance 
            3. Click on Manage
            4. Enter the amount of Kala you want to send to your Kala wallet
            5. Click Withdraw
            *NOTE: If you get an error message try sending a smaller amount.

            *Your Kala withdrawals will be sent to the address you specify. As a security precaution, after your withdrawal address is set for the first time, changing your external wallet address will temporarily block withdrawals for 7 days.

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